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Shop Morocco was created in 2007 by esteve.
Having very close relations with morocco for many years,It seemed to obvious step to take.
Now thanks to our much appreciated customers it's growing steadily every day.


We are based in Tarifa,Spain.
Tarifa,on the southern coast of spain, the most southern point of europe. Although in Spain,Tarifa's closest city is Tangiers, Morocco.
With only 14k of water (the Straits of Gibraltar) between them.
Trade between the two towns and the rest of europe as existed since the start of time.


Moroccan   contact and great freind.


Shop Morocco loyalty points scheme allows customers to earn loyalty points on orders and gain discounts off future orders by spending their loyalty points through our site.
Every time you spend with us, your points will accumulate. You don’t have to spend them per order, allowing them to mount up each time you spend.


Many items are shiped direct from our warehouse in morocco,keeping our prices as low and competitive as possible.If you can't find what your looking for,please contact-us


All our products are Handcrafted by traditional moroccan craftsmen,Above is a traditional wood loom where most of our carpets are made.Right craftsman working on  a rug.Its takes many hours to make a small rug and can take days even weeks to make a larger intricate designed carpet.

All designs start in the mind of the craftsman therefore every carpet or rug is slightly different,making everyone unique.

After a hard day at the office.