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Thuya Wood

December 21st, 2014

Thuya the amazingly resolute coniferous tree is indigenous to the Western foothills of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. The Latin name for the tree is Tetraclinis Articulata. The local name Thuya, is a Berber word of the original inhabitants of the area. Thuya is an aromatic, exotic wood and gives off an aromatic odour for protection from parasites. This plesent odour tends to stay with the wood for many years. Thuya woods beauty has been recognised since ancient Roman times. Furniture made of Thuya wood has been found in Roman ruins.
The trunk wood is a light brown colour, The unique effect of Thuya wood products is achieved by using the root wood. It’s the outgrowths on the roots that give Thuya wood its unique distinct pattern. The unique blend of this burled grain is exclusive to the region.


thuya letter rack

The beautifully magnificent appearance of polished Thuya wood, is what really sets it apart from other woods . With its many spectacular eyes, which genuinely shine, thuya is totaly unique in the world of woodcraft. Each piece handcrafted, rubbed by hand for hours. Lemon juice and vegetable oil are polished into the wood revealing Thuya’s natural beauty in the burled grain. makes Thuya an extra special gift. The beauty of Thuya wood complements any décor.
The manufacture of these products are a long-held Moroccan tradition. Great skill is used to create these beautiful gifts. These are traditional skills which have been passed down from generation to generation. And is a tribute to the artisan craftsmen of Morocco.



tissue box

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