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Moroccan Djellaba

October 19th, 2014


The djellaba being the clasic Moroccan garment with a long sleeves and loosely fitting hooded. The cut of the djellaba is traditional, straight and fairly capacious to allow for clothes worn underneath. It also covers the whole body which, since many Moroccans are Muslim, enables the wearer to demonstrate the modesty in dress required by Islam. The pointed baggy hood is called a cob and provides vital protection from the winter cold; lighter weight summer djellabas also have hoods to give protection from the sun. It is not uncommon for the hood to be used as an informal pocket during times of nice weather, and can fit loaves of bread or bags of groceries.
Although traditionally a outer robe. The lighter summer djellaba can be worn seperatly . A light cotton summer djejjaba is perfect for hot summer days. Moroccan djellabas come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors, with equaly as many different materials, from coarse camel wool to soft silk. Wool is typically harvested from sheep living in the surrounding mountains and then a long process of turning the wool into yarn is carried out (normally by hand). It is then woven in the fabric to create the garment. Men traditionally wear a hat (kufi) or a red fez hat (tarboosh) and soft yellow leather slippers (babouche) with a djellaba.
The djellaba is worn by both men and women; the men’s style is generally baggier while a women’s djellabas is generally tighter and can sport elaborate decorative embroidery in a vast variety of colors and patterns. Women normally add a head scarf.
Shop Morocco prides itself on it’s collection of fine djellabas for both men and women, and also offers tailor service for made to measaure djellabas.

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